Who Is Using CBD and Why?

Who Is Using CBD and Why

Who Is Using CBD and Why?

A recent and interesting report provides a cross-sectional snapshot of people who use cannabidiol or CBD for various reasons. It appears that almost 62% of participants in the study use CBD for very specific and targeted health issues including pain, anxiety, depression and sleep difficulties.

When it came to describing how CBD helped with these conditions, 36% of respondents reported that CBD helped very well by itself. A little over 4% indicated CBD did not help much. It was also discovered that women in the study use CBD to treat specific conditions more than men do.

Most respondents in the study reported they use CBD sublingually or under the tongue. They found this to be a more effective way of administering it and found that it worked faster. Some respondents vaped CBD, but this is not recommended. Other respondents used a wide variety of CBD products including capsules, edibles, and topicals.

The conclusion of the report is that CBD seems to be used by most people for specific health-related issues and not for general prevention or wellness. The majority of people in the study report taking CBD daily or more than one time per day. Over half of the participants took CBD for over a year and around 10% report using it over 5 years.

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