Let’s Get Cooking with CBD!

Cooking with CBD

Let’s Get Cooking with CBD!

While most people who are familiar with CBD have tried tinctures and oils, softgels, gummies, drink mixes or topicals, many have not yet ventured into the world of cooking or baking with CBD. Since CBD comes in the form of oils, it is ideal to be added to many dishes and baked goods. But before just mixing it in to your favorite dish, the oil has to be correctly prepared.

To start with, the CBD oil (either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum), needs to be heated to no more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit with your favorite cooking oils including cold-pressed virgin olive oil, avocado oil, or sunflower oil, to name a few. Stir the oils together for a few minutes and be careful not to overheat them. Overheating reduces the strength and integrity of CBD.

Once you’re done blending the oils, you can cook with them right away or place the oil in an air-tight glass jar and store in a dark pantry or cupboard. You can also melt a good-quality butter like Irish or French butter, add in as much CBD oil as you’d like, stir, and pour into a butter mold. Put the CBD butter in the refrigerator and use it as you normally would in recipes or on toast or bagels. How about some CBD butter on a stack of warm pancakes with, you guessed correctly, CBD maple syrup!

One thing to keep in mind, by adding CBD to your favorite cooking oil it will produce a slightly green or hempy taste. If that is an issue, no worries! You can add extra ingredients to mask the flavor. For instance, that CBD olive oil you created can be used in an Asian stir fry with extra onions, garlic, hot peppers, soy, Thai chile sauce or sesame sauce. Are you getting hungry?

The benefits of cooking or baking with CBD oil blends are plenty. Not only do olive, avocado and sunflower oils come packed with vitamins and antioxidants – you get the extra healthy boost from CBD. The CBD can help to relieve inflammation and pain, enhance calm and relaxation, and maybe even improve sleep. So why not try something new in your kitchen soon? You might be happy you did!

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