CBD and Dogs

CBD and Dogs

CBD and Dogs

CBD has been used by people for a number of physical and emotional health purposes. Additionally, it is now being used to help manage certain symptoms in dogs.

Some dog owners report that CBD provides relief to their dog’s inflammation and pain, provides a calming effect and has even helped to reduce seizures. Recent research has been validating these benefits.

A study conducted at Cornell University in 2018 reported that CBD significantly reduced pain. It even increased activity in dogs suffering from osteoarthritis. In this study, 2mg of CBD was administered twice a day to achieve greater comfort in these dogs.

A researcher at Colorado State University compared CBD to a placebo in treating epileptic dogs who suffered from seizures. Impressively, she found that 89% of epileptic dogs had fewer seizures when given chicken-flavored CBD oil daily.

Another study at Colorado State University in 2019 examined veterinarians’ knowledge, experience, and perceptions regarding the use of CBD for canine medical conditions. They found that CBD was most frequently discussed as a treatment for pain, anxiety and seizures among veterinarians and pet owners.

According to a group of researchers in 2019, CBD-rich hemp nutraceuticals appear to be safe in dogs who experience various symptoms including pain, anxiety, and seizures.

Jeffrey Powers, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and vice chairman of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents, shares a powerful testimonial. He reports using CBD for his dog who experiences anxiety to loud noises, like fireworks. Ella, his 10-year old Saint Bernard used to pant, pace and become stressed over loud noises until she was given CBD by Dr. Powers. The result? Greater calm and less distress.

While more research is needed, it appears that CBD can be an effective treatment for dogs who have:

  • anxiety issues
  • pain and inflammation
  • seizures related to epilepsy

CBD seems to be a good choice for dog owners who care for their dog’s health and well-being.

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