Is CBD Good for Seniors?

Is CBD Good for Seniors?

People consume lots of things that are good for them as well as things that are not so healthy. When it comes to CBD, many seniors wonder if it’s right for them. The longer answer is there are lots of anecdotal reports, laboratory experiments and clinical studies indicating that CBD provides therapeutic benefits for a number of age-related health conditions. The short answer is simply, yes.

Age-Related Conditions

As the body naturally ages, many changes take place throughout multiple systems. The skin for instance, shows signs of aging including wrinkles, age spots, dryness, and loss of collagen. Sleep and appetite patterns may change later in life. Also, the probability of experiencing pain or discomfort due to inflammatory conditions such as arthritis are fairly high.

Why is CBD Good for Seniors?

The medical world is getting a better idea about the health benefits of CBD for seniors. Generally speaking, aging is due to an accumulation of free radicals which damage organs, a life-long process of low but chronic inflammation of joints and tissues, and oxidative stress. Many studies have found CBD to have anti-inflammatory effects and the ability to reduce the number of free radicals. Some studies have also shown CBD to have antioxidant properties.

Giving CBD a Try

Older adults and seniors are taking CBD products including tinctures (oils), softgels and topicals. Many incorporate these products into their everyday routines, and admit they are experiencing relief from negative conditions and more energy. In a recent article in Forbes Magazine, it was reported that many seniors responded well to CBD, so much so, they recommended to their friends and family.

Final Thoughts on Why CBD is Good for Seniors

There once was a day when adults weren’t sure about the health benefits of vitamins or dietary supplements. Research and time usually provide the answers that people are seeking. The same holds true with CBD for seniors. As far as the research and results go right now, it appears that CBD is beneficial, safe and even good for seniors.