Is CBD Safe for Seniors?

Is CBD Safe for Seniors?

One of the most commonly asked questions about CBD regards its safety profile for older adults and seniors. Anyone taking a new supplement or over-the-counter remedy should consult with their healthcare provider, but generally speaking, the research indicates that CBD is both safe and effective for seniors.

CBD is a Valid Treatment

Hundreds of medical and academic studies have been performed and numerous researchers agree that CBD is not only safe but is a valid treatment option for a wide variety of symptoms and conditions. Many physicians and medical specialists are now turning to CBD as an add-on treatment for their older patients.

Why is CBD Safe for Seniors?

Specifically, CBD has almost no side effects other than possible gastrointestinal upset or slight drowsiness when used in higher doses. The mass majority of adults using CBD have no side effects whatsoever. Another reason CBD is a safe option is that it has little to no risk of addiction and on top of that, there is virtually no risk of overdosing on it. When we compare CBD to many prescription medications including opioids for pain, CBD seems to be a safe and sensible alternative.

CBD and Other Medications

A good amount of research also indicates that CBD is safe to take with numerous prescription medications and over-the-counter medicines. One of the reasons for this concerns the endocannabinoid system. CBD interacts directly and indirectly with this system, while other medications do not.

Final Thoughts on the Safety of CBD for Seniors

One reason why older adults may not try CBD is they’re not sure if it’s safe or not. The research evidence is overwhelmingly positive and reports that indeed, CBD is safe for older adults and seniors. While anyone taking a new supplement for the first time should consult their healthcare provider, CBD has been shown to be effective, has few to no side effects, carries no risk of addiction or overdose and is safe with most prescription medications. Yes, CBD is safe for seniors.