Brain-Boosting Foods

Brain-Boosting Foods

Eighty-six billion brain cells and the engines that make those cells run – mitochondria, require a lot of fuel to keep them running. Without enough brain fuel we experience brain fog, mental fatigue, forgetfulness, and at times, insatiable hunger. Ever wonder where the term “hungry” came from? Despite being only 2-3% of our body’s total volume, our brain accounts for 20-25% of our resting metabolic rate and consumes 25% of the oxygen we breathe and food we eat. Feeding Your...

Saving for the Future

Saving for the Future (Not Just Retirement)

Most people associate saving money for the future purely for retirement, but this can be a mistake because a lot can happen (and probably will) between one’s working years and retirement. People may lose their jobs, get raises and bonuses, or become unable to work. While finally reaching and enjoying retirement may be the ultimate goal, saving now for either tomorrow or 30 years from now is crucial. It’s Never Too Late Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone started saving for...

Mental Wellness and Mental Health

Mental Wellness and Mental Health: What Are the Differences?

While we often hear about becoming more aware of mental health issues or illnesses, we tend to hear less about improving our mental wellness. But what is mental wellness and how does it differ from mental health? Let’s explore the differences between the two and discover ways to improve both. Mental Health Most of us learned about mental health in either high school or college, and continue to learn about it throughout our adult lives. We’ve learned that mental health encompasses...