Living Longer and Stronger

Aging and Mental Health

Re-thinking Aging and Mental Health

What do you think of when you hear the words “aging and mental health?” What types of images pop up in your mind? Depression, loneliness, anxiety and fear of dying? If this is what comes to mind … think again! There is no arguing that aging brings certain physical and emotional challenges. Despite this, growing older brings unique developmental opportunities and extraordinary contributions. Neuroscientist and cognitive psychologist, Dr. Daniel J. Levitin, provides scientific evidence that older adults and seniors are: highly engaged wise cognitively...

Natural Pain Management

Natural Pain Management: The Power of Movement, The Mind and Meals

Pain has been universally experienced by humans throughout the ages. It continues to be an unwelcome sensation today. Pain can be felt both physically and emotionally. In addition, it can negatively affect quality of life. There are more treatment options for pain today than ever. Most of them don’t require invasive procedures or prescription medications. According to current CDC guidelines, one of the most effective methods to reduce pain is exercise therapy. Especially for chronic pain. According to a recent research...